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World Of Walker is the collection of interconnected music videos, created by Kristian Berg and Alan Walker. The main story revolves around the Walkers, a group of anonymous people planning to rebuild society after the world was in turmoil due to a solar storm nicknamed Eleanor.

The World Of Walker had three trilogies, starting from Faded, all the way to Diamond Heart.


Ancient Walkers

World of walker map.jpg

Thousands of years ago, a civilization known as the Walkers was formed and was later known for as one of the advanced civilization that lived in ancient times. They spread over the world and constructed the Walker Cities using the technology of AV-8 drones, or the most advanced technology created during the era that they lived in. They created seven cities, each one being in Canada, Central Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Madagascar, Eastern Russia and Australia.

Destruction And Being Forgotten

At one point in their history, the Ancient Walkers predicted a series of natural disasters coming into them. The first one was revealed to hit in their time, while the second one was revealed to hit Earth in the future. In response, the Ancient Walkers have constructed time capsules to protect and preserve all of their creations, such as the arts, the prophecy discs, and the AV-8s.

Walker #28300's Discovery

In 2013, a French college archeology student Lily Cadieux, who was descendant of the Walkers, was interested in researching lost civillizations. Throughout her research, the emblem logo of the civilization kept appearing, so she decided to find the meaning of it by going on a hunt, which led her to discover her ancestors, the lost civillization of the Walkers.

Her research rewrote history and she has recieved largely positive response from her fans. She became a center stage on the global news. Despite that, she still continued on the hunt, this time discovering a huge cave in Vietnam, leading her into the depths of jungle. There she located a time capsule, a prophecy disc, alongside a message drones left by the Walkers.

Red Nexus and the Walker Network

Lily was stressed in finding the true message of her ancestors, but another Walker descendant Alan Walker helped her and together they established the Walker network. Fortunately, they were able to find a huge number of Walkers around the world. With the other Walker descendants' help, Lily and Alan decipher the capsule's message and unveil the consequences upon them.

In a meantime, she joined a collaboration with Red Nexus to place the artifacts and findings she has researched in her discovery. Despite this, she later learned that Red Nexus have replaced all of the artifacts displayed in the museum, with the exception of the monument, with a fake version of the original. In addition, they had been conducting a secret experiment underneath the museum. This secret experiment was revealed by NASA that a solar storm was about to hit Earth in a few days. Walkers on the other hand believed that the solar storm could be the second catastrophe, so they formed a huge worldwide underground organization in order to save humanity. A total of 8 capsules and the ancient drones were buried across the world by the organization.

End Of The Modern World and the formation of the Red Nexus regime

The second catastrophe did not end humanity but instead left the world in a dark and dystopian status. Unfortunately, the Red Nexus organization apparently have survived the catastrophe as they were the ones that caused it. It was later revealed that the goal to destroy the world was to establish a worldwide fascist totalitarian dictatorship. The establishment left most of the remaining Walkers imprisoned and enslaved.

However, by "most" doesn't mean all of the Walkers got imprisoned. The ones that weren't imprisoned formed a rebellious group while one of the group's members known as Yordan sneaked onto a prison to find Lily, now imprisoned. When Yordan and Lily met, Lily gave him a small card before Red Nexus found out about it. She later was captured by the soliders, potentially either murdered or put into a stricter status. Yordan ran back into his group's base and showed the notecard to the members, while it was revealed that a member found a prophecy disc that would be detatched from a time capsule, revealing their moments if they attacked Red Nexus.

Walkers vs. Red Nexus war

The international war betweeen the Walkers and Red Nexus broke out. The Walkers used ancient drones, named them AVI-8s and heavily modified them with very powerful weapons. On the other hand, Red Nexus have also modified about 50 AVI-8s and renamed them RX-8s. The Walkers came out victorious

Year 2100

Many years after the war, the world was left in ruins again, possibly due to struggles forming a political government. Sons and daughters of the former rebellious group found eight time capsules buried by the Walker generation from the 21st century. Alongside the AVI-8 drones, they were tasked to rebuild the ancient city of the World of Walker. After gathering enough information, the Walkers from around the globe gathered at a given position to execute the plan that the Modern Walkers had created. The City Of Walkers was built, where it became the safe haven where the Walkers now live.


  • The professor that appeared in Alone Pt. II is played by the same actor who played the old man in All Falls Down and Darkside. He would also later appear in the Aviation Movie.
  • The first of the three trilogy (Faded, Sing Me To Sleep, Alone) was not intended to be connected to the World Of Walker lore.
    • In order to fully reconnect it to the World Of Walker main lore, Alan had planned to do a remaster of the first trilogies' music videos, with Faded having wrapped production and was teased in the Walker community website.
  • Events in Alone Pt.II and Heading Home (Live at Chateau de Fontainebleau) have been confirmed to be canonical.
  • The AV-8 drone had went through several name changes, originally called the AVI-8 and AW-8.
  • The name "Yordan Kostov" was revealed in the 2021 trailer of the World Of Walker, along with the series intended timeline.
  • The original version of the series didn't have a villain..